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Selection of your contact lenses – You and your doctor will discuss which type of lenses are best for you. You will be given advice on which contact lens will provide the best comfort, vision, and long-term health. Your needs will be analyzed and considered carefully when choosing the best contact lens option.

When you order contacts from Eye Care One, you get all the best brands at competitive pricing.

• Everyday value on the most popular brands.
• Doctor care and eye exams available
• Individual contact lens consultation for first-time wearers
• Personalized in-store style consultations to educate you in the proper use of your contact lenses
• Online ordering available

Disposable Contact Lenses – A healthy, convenient option for a busy lifestyle.

Colored Contact Lenses – Change or enhance your eye color. Try them all on and see which color you like best. We have many brands available to choose from just let us know what you would like. We even have WILD EYES for those who want to really have some fun with their contacts.

Toric Contacts for Astigmatism – Having astigmatism does not mean that you cannot wear contact lenses. Soft toric contact lenses are very comfortable and provide comfortable vision for even the highest prescription. Toric contact lenses are available in soft or gas permeable lens materials.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses – If your lifestyle is hectic, choose the ultimate convenience of sleeping in your contact lenses. Together with the doctor, a schedule of wear will be determined to maintain your eye health while giving you hassle-free contact lens wear. Sleep in them one night, or 30 days continuously.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses – A durable contact lens with a more rigid design. They take some getting used to, but provide excellent vision and long-term advantages for your eyes. Excellent for high prescriptions and corneal diseases (corneal scarring, keratoconus, or after corneal transplant surgery).

Bifocal Contact Lenses – Tired of glasses altogether, but wearing bifocal glasses? There are many brands of bifocal contact lenses that provide distance, intermediate and near vision, just like your glasses. Try them and see the benefits, especially for computer users.

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